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About US

We are FELPS USA a company committed in providing the best hair treatments giving health, strength and charm to all types of hair. We work with products that combine natural ingredients such as Macadamia, Argan, Marula and Bamboo oils, Tannic Acid (from grape seeds) with high-tech components such as Kerenstore 2.0 and Beauplex. Our team has extensive knowledge in the manufactuer of our products, resulting in an end product  under the industry’s best practice & guidelines. Our high-tech products provide results in the first application.

FELPS USA is a subsidiary for North and Central America and Caribbean countries of FELPS PROFESSIONAL, a Brazilian hair brand with a presence in more than 40 countries worldwide. In the everlasting demand of cosmetic & hair care, our product fullfils customer needs. Our household products can be used directly satisfying our custoemrs needs.

Our brand has taken the North & Central America and Carribean markets in an estanoshing manner, recognized by customers across all type of salons, as an innovative product with strong quality and performance.