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Felps Color Powder Blond 9 Tones 17.6FL.OZ

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Description: Premium Blond Bleach powder has highly moisturizing actives prevents dryness of the strands while going through the discoloration process. Its Dust Free Formula can be used in all bleaching techniques presenting a uniform and progressive result, leaving them with natural aspect and avoiding the yellowish tones. With ultra-fast action and smooth fragrance, Felps Color's Premium Blond 9 Bleach lightens up to 9 shades.


Indication: for all discoloration processes hair, lights, balayage hair, among others. 

Expected Results: uniform discoloration, healthy hydrated hair and desired whitening background, allowing finishing of blond, platinum, high quality.


Active: Hydrolyzed Corn Extract that contains minerals, retains water in the strands, antioxidant for the strands. Macadamia, repair natural elasticity, prevent breakage, anti-frizz. Deep hydration and anti-aging. Aloe Vera extract naturally has vitamins, polysaccharides and minerals, acts as moisturizer, emollient, refreshing, gives shine to hair, nourishes and strengthens.


Available: 17.63FL.OZ.

Profitability: 10 applications.


In a non-metallic container mix in the proportion of 1 measure of Premium Blond Bleaching Powder for 2 measurements of Emulsion Revealing in voluminous suitable for the chosen technique, until a homogeneous and creamy consistence is obtained.

Note: Up to 1 by 3 can be mixed. The time of action should be controlled by the professional according to the desired degree of bleaching. After pause time rinse thoroughly with warm water, for total removal of the product. For greater performance of the result use the Felps Xrepair Biomolecular lines for treatment and Felps I am Blonde color maintenance. Finish as you wish.

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