Quiabo XBTX Hair Alignment 33.8FL.OZ

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Hair alignment with Lisselini technology, blend of acids, Okra extract and Argan and Macadamia oils, promotes complete and lasting hair alignment, frizz reduction, hydration and intense shine in a single phase. Suitable for all hair types.

- Natural smooth effect
- Volume and frizz reduction
- Moisturizing and intense shine

- Free of agents harmful to health;
- No strong odor;
- Does not sting the eyes;

1. Divide clean and dry hair into 4 parts.

2. Apply the product starting from the lower parts and then to the upper parts 1 cm from the root, along the entire length of the strands, evenly, always in thin strands.

3. Let it act for 30 to 40 minutes (fragile and blonde hair) or 60 to 80 minutes (thick and resistant hair)

4. After the pause time, remove the product completely.

5. Finish with a hair dryer for a cold straightening. If you prefer, flat iron 7 to 15 times, in thin locks. For hair with residues, a pre-wash is recommended.

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